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Lic. 9007


Our Guide to Rats in The Attic and How to Get Rid of Them

Introduction: What are Rats and Why do They Live in the Attic?

Rats are opportunistic animals that live in the attic and other dark places where they can find food. Though they cannot chew through wood, they can gnaw on it to create a hole. Rats can fit their entire body in any hole they can fit their skull through, in most cases that’s just a ½ inch hole! Rats are drawn to garbage cans, pet food, and bird feeders. But in the winter they will may find an attic just as welcoming.

Rats leave behind droppings which can carry diseases like leptospirosis and hantavirus. They also urinate and defecate wherever they go which creates a very unpleasant odor! This odor may also attract other pests such as cockroaches. Before long, a pair of rodents may lead to a large infestation.

How to Find a Rat in Your House or In the Attic?

There are many ways to find a rat in your house, here are three of them: 1. Use your nose – rats have a distinct and pungent musky odor. 2. Use your eyes – look for an oily dirt buildup on wood or hard surfaces, these are called rub marks, also droppings and gnaw marks will lead you to them. 3. Use your ears – you may hear movement or scratching noises coming from the attic.

What Traps Should I Use for Rats?

There are two types of traps that can be used to catch rats: live and non-live. A live trap is a box with holes on the side where the rat can enter but cannot escape from. A non-live trap has a metal bar on it that will kill the rat when it moves a trigger ( that’s where bait is placed ).

A rat trap is one of the best ways to catch a rodent. Rodents follow edges and walls, so you should place it near the wall where rats like traveling along. Place live traps so the hole is open along the wall. Non-live traps should have the trigger in the path along the wall so a rat will walk over it as it follows the wall, it will undoubtedly smell the bait and release the trigger in the process of grabbing the bait. Always follow the instructions provided by your trap manufacturer for safety and best results!

How to Prevent Rats From Coming Back?

There are two ways to prevent rodents from coming back. One way that you can prevent rodents from coming back is by sealing any entry points that they may be using to get into your home. This includes holes in walls, gaps around pipes, and cracks in foundations. The second way is to make sure that all food is stored in sealed containers, seal up any garbage cans, and clean up any spilled food or pet food as soon as possible. Rodents are attracted to these things because they’re looking for a place to live or eat, so plug up those holes and put all food away.